Monday, June 22, 2015

First Pineview swim of the year

Oh my, I waited too long for my first swim in Pineview.  The water this morning was warm!  It was 72.6° according to my watch.

I met Chad at 0400 and we swam two Goody loops for a total of 5.25 miles.

When we got to the very southwest corner heading along the south shore, I noticed a very faint light
on the horizon as the sun was starting to make the swim back a little easier to see.   By the time we finished the first lap it was no longer dark at all, but still the sun hadn't popped up yet over the mountains.  That didn't happen until we got to the southwest corner again after swimming the dam buoys.  I noticed that my water bottle was dragging over the side after the first lap.  Noticed less drag on the second lap and it felt better.  My shoulder was sore, but not in terrible pain.

Total: 5.25 miles in 2:50

On the way noticed that my shoulder was sore, and when I reach out for something it was painful, and weak.  I'll get an appointment with Grayson to see what she suggests.  I haven't seen much progress over that past couple months.  Do I just have to live with it?
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