Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July at Bear Lake

This morning I met Chad at the Bear Lake Marina beach and got Lucy and Sam to paddle for us.  Chad also got his boys to paddle so we had two kayaks and oddly enough we didn't encounter many other boats during the swim.  Maybe 2 boats and 1 jetski came within 200 yards of us and that was it.

The water felt nice and very comfortable temperature. I forgot to take a reading but I'm thinking it was 69 or so.  We saw several things underwater including large fish about 2 feet long.  Turned around at 3 miles out.  It's not everyday you swim to "Idaho and back"

The last mile swimming back was especially tough for me.  I really had to push it to keep up with him.  He was swimming fast and my shoulders were getting tired.  It seemed like we were swimming against a current coming back.  It was a great swim.

On the way to the lake I asked the boys to rub sunscreen on each other, and apparently Sam didn't obey and he got burned pretty bad.  Lesson learned.

Total distance: 6 miles in 2:50

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