Monday, June 15, 2015

Not giving up

This morning I realized I didn't confirm with Chad meeting up.  Texted him at 2:30 hoping he might be up.  He was.  Agreed to meet at 0400 at 24hr fitness.  Here's the workout:

500 free
4 x 100’s kick with board
8 x 50’s free/stroke on :50
8 x 100’s odd free, even IM
800 bilateral breathe on 12:00
2 x 400’s pull
4 x 75’s free/stroke/free
8 x 200’s on 3:15 (got 2:32 @ 95% on one)
3 x 300’s - 1st one fast! (4:06),  2nd one moderate, 3rd one cooldown kicking

6,500 total

Was feeling good till the last set.  Shoulder felt like I just swam 5 times that far.  Ouch!  Need some ice. 

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