Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to coaching Grid Squids

This morning Oliver, Sam, Isaac and Adell Rupert, Cathi and I swam at Rush.  We swam the following:

6 x 50's kick
8 x 50's alternating strokes : 20 rest
4 x 100's free with good form and flip turns on 2:15
100 easy

Today the kids still had school so we had to get out kinda early and followed up this with a game "Leave No Trace".  Just like the scouts.  There were a couple bandaids, wrappers and other stuff in the bottom of the pool, so we had a race to see who could collect the most.  Adell won with 15 points and Sam with 10 points.  Much cleaner pool now.  Only complaint: 86.6°F  Made me think I should probably consider Molokai Channel.  If only my shoulder wouldn't give me such trouble.

The kids went home with Cathi while I repeated the above set two more times.

3,600 yards total
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