Monday, May 4, 2015

Finally able to hang with Chad

Up till now I've had to cut out early of Chad's Monday workouts.  Today I was able to swim the whole thing.  Shoulder is feeling pretty awesome now.

4 x 100s IM Order
8 x 50s kick with fins on 1:00

 Main Set
 2 x 1000s bilateral breathe or snorkel on 15:00
 8 x 150s - 50 kick + 100 stroke (rotating thru)
 4 x 300s odd pull, even PT paddles on 3:15/3:45
 8 x 100s fast on 1:30 (held 1:22)


 400 easy

6,500 yards total in 2:15

 Then I went to work and did the treadmill for 50 minutes, and lifted weights for 40 minutes.

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