Monday, April 27, 2015

GSL Cleanup and early Monday Morning swim with Chad

Friday April 24th, 2015:

Last Friday Josh picked me up on the way out to GSL.  He also had with him Richard Cudlip, visiting from the UK.  He's a regular swimmer at the infamous Tooting Bec Lido in London.  He was in town visiting his sister for her birthday and this trip he was able to get a taste of various open water venues in the state.  Today was our turn to introduce him to the Great Salt Lake.

The water temp was @ 61°  and pretty choppy.  Wind was coming in pretty strong from the west so we swam fairly quickly along the break-wall towards Saltair, but coming back was slow going.

Distance: 1 mile
Saturday, April 25th, 2015:

Saturday Morning we met up at 10am to do a cleanup service project.  I'm grateful for those who came, and we got alot of work done, but I'll admit I was pretty disappointed with the turnout.  I had invited folks from outside of SLOW club and didn't get a single person outside the club, except for a new friend of mine who is training to be a Navy Seal that I'm coaching.  His name is Jarred.  The thing about the Seals is they have this special stroke called the Combat Side Stroke.  Anyway he swam after the cleanup with me out to the red buoy and back.

Afterwards I took the older kids to a swim meet for the afternoon session.  The morning session, Oliver and Sam swam.  I really wish I could have gone to see those two cute little boys do their thing. Oliver got DQd in the 200 breaststroke (which is why I really only wanted to sign them up for freestyle events as their still newbies to the strokes with all their particularities.  Anyway they did good in the 50 free.  Here's all their times:

50 free:
    Oliver: 55.35
    Sam: 46.52
    Isaac: 45.94 (Isaac's video)
    Jonas: 45.80 (Video)
    Lucy: 44.96 (Video)

Distance: .33 mile
Monday, April 27th 2015:

This morning I got up at 2:20am to meet up with Chad at the Sugarhouse 24 hr.  I got in the water at 3:40am and swam:

Warmup: 400 free, 75 free, 125 stroke
Kicking: 6 x 50’s kick with fins on 1:00
Distance: 1000 free with snorkel, 200 kick, 1500 freestyler paddles
Easy: 300 easy
Strong set: 6 x 100’s free on 1:40 (got all under 1:22)

Cooldown: 300 easy

4,800 yards total
Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 after coaching the pre-comp team at Rush, I swam:

300 free easy
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins
500 free with finis freestyler paddles on 7:30
600 free straight at 1:24 pace
700 - 500 free at 1:24 pace + 200 kick no fins

2,500 yards total

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