Thursday, May 14, 2015

Less than ideal week for swimming

On Monday I had to coach SDM, and so I swam with Chad on Tuesday and only was able to swim part of his workout.  Here's what I did with him:

4 x 250’s - 200 free + 50 backstroke on 3:45
6 x 50’s 3 front / 3 inverted(backstroke) flutter kick :15 rest per 50
4 x 500’s - 400 free + 100 backstroke on 8:30

I did capture quite a bit of pics of him though, which I still need to organize and get to him.  Here is the man himself, on film.
 But after the 4th 500 I stopped.  Shoulder was sore and I didn't really want to push it.  Then the past few days I had a "Hackathon" at work so I have been spending 13-15 hour days at work getting my project completed.  It was fun and mentally stimulating, but far from physically stimulating.  I have a scout camp this weekend so that also rules out an open water swim on the normal Friday outing.


Only 3,300 yards this week.  Pretty lame.

Next week.

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