Monday, May 11, 2015

Long workout with SDM

So I organized a "long" workout for a select few people that also swim with South Davis Masters (SDM).  This was NOT included with Masters as we were swimming during open lap time and those who participated had to either be members or pay the one day fee, not just the masters fee.  There was no coach on deck.  Basically an informal group of friends working out together.  Here's the workout I did:

        600 free

Main Set
8 x 200’s free desc 1-4
rest extra :30 after 4
400 kick with fins
4 x 400’s even free odd choice
200 back
2 x 800’s pull
200 easy

6,200 yards total

My shoulder started to ache so I stopped there, but the others in the group swam an additional 1,600 yards.  Afterwards many of the swimmers said that was the longest swimming workout they've ever done.  (or done in a long time)  Pretty dang cool.

I bought a camera this weekend to prepare for Chad's English Channel swim.  I tested it out and it is so sweet!  Here's a pic I took of Oliver that turned out nice!

Also I had my final visit with my Physical Therapist, Grayson Doar and she gave me a clean bill of health on my shoulder and said I could continue what I'm doing and just to listen to my body and don't push it.

I noticed after last Friday's workout that I had a huge chaffing spot on my right shoulder and absolutely nothing on my left.  I'm definitely lopsided.  I really need to plan to have my stroke videoed so I can see what the heck I'm doing!

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