Thursday, July 3, 2014

First "me" time since MIMS

I've done several 500 yard swims the past week, which is enough time to send the boys to the shower after a good swim lesson with them. But today Jacob came along which was nice cause I had him focus on helping give tips to Isaac and Jonas while I worked with Sam and Oliver.  They're coming along real nice and they're making some good progress.

Kim Chambers does another
epic swim.  She's got 6 out of 7
Ocean's Seven swims!  
Jacob took them all home and I was able to stay after with Cathi and swim 1800 yards.  Cathi swims during the lesson as well and she is up to over a mile per session as well.  Then she runs home.  I told her she might as well ride her bike there and she'd be training for a triathlon.

Last night I stayed up till midnight watching Kimberly Chambers spot tracker.  She swam the Tsugaru Channel!  Cool thing is she said the water was relatively calmer than what she was warned against and it was a wonderful swim.  That's encouraging.  I would absolutely LOVE to sell this swim to Cathi.  I'd love to do this one.  But it would be comparable to English Channel in terms of cost, and that is almost the hardest part (saving that amount of money when you've got 7 kids and they all have their own individual activities that can be very expensive).

However I just got a raise at work.  I've been there for 16 years and they're taking very good care of me.   Anyway, one step at a time. Next big swim for me is 2016 with a Gibraltar crossing.  Perhaps I could convince Cathi of taking a trip to Japan in 2017?  I'd have to see if I could also convince a fellow GSL swimmer I know, Etsuko, to come along as my interpreter and crew member.  That would be awesome.

Oh to dream...

Total swam since last logging: 3,350 yards 

I know, pretty pathetic,  and I feel pretty guilty about slacking, but it'll feel great once my kids are able to swim on a team and really excel.

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