Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review of the new Syracuse RUSH Funplex

I learned about this new pool earlier this year, and it was completed a couple months ago.  I love that we have a pool in Syracuse now, and with MIMS completed, the next goal is to get my four youngest boys: Jonas (12), Isaac (10), Sam (9), and Oliver (7) aka "The Fantastic Four" in a state where they can vigorously pursue their swimming dreams.  I haven't been in a position to be a regular coach to them and I'm looking forward to working with them in the pool.

I took them yesterday to the pool, which also happened to be Sam's birthday.  We bought a family annual membership.  It cost $700.  ($400 for the first adult, $200 more for the second adult, and then $100 more for all children in the family)  Ouch!  A family membership at Layton Surf n' Swim for the size of our family cost under $500.  However, I'm fine paying a higher price, and here's why:


  • Only 5 minutes from my house.
  • The water temp was 82.0° (currently the coldest pool in Davis County, and WAY colder than Clearfield Aquatics which has the record for the hottest pool in Davis County)  Update: 3/8/2015 - Not anymore.  they've warmed things up.  As of June 2015, the water temp is 83.0°F.  Not too bad...  Anything higher and it would be too warm.
  • Brand new pool - VERY clean and modern.
  • The membership base is very low, so there was only one lap swimmer when we went, among 6 lanes
  • Opens at 5am (rather than NWRC's 6am opening) Update:  8/1/2014 - not anymore - they open at 6am now.
  • The water pressure and temperature of the showers is superior.  Update: Don't know what happened, but the showers aren't all that great anymore.
  • This particular thing doesn't really matter to me, but to my kids.  The slides and splash pad.  Three slides, with a big river and spash pad.  All inside so you don't get sunburned.  
  • The "walls" can be opened to allow lots of air to flow.  It'll never get stuffy in there.

Not so impressed:
  • The locker room layout sucks - no lockers, no benches, just plastic picnic chairs.  There are tiny lockers out in the pool area.  They don't seem to be very "membership friendly" based on the locker room.
  • Also in regards to the locker room, is that there is no barrier between the door going into the pool and the shower area.  If you happen to walk nude in the locker room between the showers and the changing area, there is a huge likelihood that someone is gonna get a clear view of your full monty if anyone opens that door.  But I'm a big believer in being modest and covering yourself even in the locker room, but still kinda has potential to be embarrassing.
  • The evening hours end at 7pm for private parties, so if you plan to swim laps, it better be before then.  Update: You can swim laps now at 7pm once the Blue Fins swim team is done.  However there are only two lanes and the rest of the pool is open, so you may get an occasional clueless person crossing your path.
  • No barcode on your membership card.  You have to manually show it to an employee, and then get a cheesy wristband put on, so the lifeguards know you're legit.  They know who I am now, so I don't even have to show my card, or wear a wristband.
  • They don't provide a poolside clock.  I had to buy my own, which I've practically donated to the facility.  I leave it there and don't care if anyone uses it, as long as they put it back.  But it would have been nice had they bought a real big clock and attached it to the wall.
However the benefits in my opinion greatly outweigh the points that can be improved on.  Some of those negative things I would expect would get worked out eventually, but being such a new facility, I'll cut them some slack on those. I'm extremely happy about the pool temp. That makes me want to shout from the rooftops how awesome this place is.  

After coaching the kids I swam 500 yards then took the kids and Cathi out for breakfast to celebrate Sam's birthday.  

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