Saturday, July 5, 2014

CSS test with Cathi

This morning I coached at SDM and there were only 6 swimmers given that last night was the 4th of July.  The die-hards showed up.   Three of the swimmers were not in attendance when I originally gave the CSS test, so those three did the test while the others who had already known the CSS number from earlier in the week, I had them swim the red-mist set.

When I got home it was only 8:30am, and I really wanted to get in my exercise for the day so I asked Cathi if she wanted to try the test with me.  She did and so we went over to RUSH:

1000 easy
CSS test: 400 strong timed, 200 easy recover, 200 fast, then 200 warmdown

Here's what Cathi got:

Dist in yards Cathi Gords
400 7:42 5:09
200 3:47 2:19
CSS 1:58 1:25

I was expecting to be fairly slow since I'm still just getting back into it.  Almost feels like I'm starting completely over.  Oh well, now I have a baseline.

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