Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting a send off from my GSL

This morning I met Goody, Lisa and Liz out at the Marina at 0600.  Lisa and I swam a horned Gridley Strait.  The water was pure glass.  Not even a ripple.  It was awesome.  I could see the bottom clearly about half the time.   By far my favorite training swim this year.

A little worried about my shoulder.  It's not a muscle or tendon.  I went to see Dr. Richards for it a few months back and he said I have a bony end on my Clavical that is enlarged and needs to be shaved off.  It's not a big surgery, he said he had it done on himself.  It's getting painful again.  I have an appointment to see him tomorrow morning.  It's just too painful now and I only put 1 1/2 hours on it this morning. This will be my last BIG swim of the year, and the rest of the swims this year are frosting.  I'm probably gonna need a cortizone shot for the time being, but when I get back I'm gonna need that surgery to shave that thing down.

This morning I realized this is my last swim until MIMS.  This evening I have a couple of online webinars with NYCSwim to go over some race information and procedures.  Looking forward to that.

Total: 3.1 miles in 1:31
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