Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

This morning I was in the pool promptly at 0600 with the SDM and started the swim that Coach Craig put together. I really like it:

20 minute warmup (you choose).  I did:

1200 - 2 x 600's mingling free, kick and IM work in there

Then did the following with the entire team.  The intervals were the same but their distances may have varied:

2100 - 14 x 150's pull on 2:00
1400 - 14 x 100's free no equipment on 1:30
800 - 3 x (3 x 50's IM order + 1 x 75 free) + 50 IM + 75 free all on 1:00

5500 yards thus far

Then moved north of the bulkhead and did my own thing:

500 - 400 IM + 100 free
800 - 2 x (400 kick) first set fins, second set no fins
400 easy
3000 - 20 x 150's - first 5 large paddles, second 5 smaller paddles, third 5 finger paddlers, fourth set of 5 no equipment

10,200 yards total in 3:00

Then met Cathi at the gym and I did lifted a session of chest.  We then left for the GSL Marina and met up with the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club and some new people along with a few familiar faces.  There were 6 'dippers' and 7 swimmers.  The swim was not an organized event with no entry fees, and no waivers.  It was just an at your own risk type event.  We did have Cathi in the water alongside the swimmers just in case, but it was a very short course and everyone did their own thing anyway.  I was the only one that actually swam the 300 yards course out to the red buoy and back.  The water temp was 0.1c (32.2f).

It was fun cause there was good coverage by Fox13 and Deseret news.  It was all covered live and my parents DVRd it and I stopped by on the way home to see.  They didn't show the swim cause they ran out of time, but they did video it, so hopefully they show it at the 5 o'clock news this afternoon.

6 miles total for the day - not too bad for the first day of the year!  
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