Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meeting Jim and getting new mile PR (22:33)

Today's workout was pretty routine:

2000 - 2000 Yards free. Time the first 1800 (22:33). I'm sure I had the yardage right. I was just going strong the whole time. There was a guy next to me who was doing breaststroke and it seemed to be a little faster than 1/2 my base speed. So my goal was to match his 50's with 100 of my own. Did that for a long time which brought up my speed. It also made counting the laps much easier focusing on getting my 100's on his 50.

2000 - 4 x 500's (alternate between 500 pull and 500 EZ)

4000 yards total

The big guy who has been here several times the past few weeks was there again. After the pool closed I talked to him for a while. His name is Jim. He swam for a military academy in New York. He swam 1500 M in college. No wonder he's fast. His technique is good. He damaged his shoulders so he said he's now in it for fitness rather than competition. Would be nice to get some technique critiques from him and learn a few things to improve my speed. My endurance seems fine. I just need to pick it up and push it more so my swimming is more aerobic. And I'm sure there are some bad habits I've picked up that I should kick too.
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