Friday, May 24, 2019

The Pool is complete!

I finished the insulation and skirting around the pool.  The temperature control display is embedded into the front panel. I assembled a lifetime shed for all the pool cleaning gear.  I bought the pavers for the outside edge of the patio.  But the pool itself is 100% Except for the issue with the lights not running while the pool is operating.  Need to follow up on that one.

So far, I've put in 4 1/2 hours swimming in the pool and each time I'm thrilled with the experience.  I just watched this video clip about the amount of pee in the typical community pool.  It's scary.

One thing I don't have to deal with.  I definitely don't pee in MY pool.  I admit when I was in a lap pool, I didn't care. I guess it's a bit of a reflection on socialism. "It really isn't my pool, it's shared, so I don't give a crap." But with my pool, I'm obsessive about it's cleanliness and upkeep, so if I have to pee I'll get out.  I've reminded my kids with the hot tub to do the same. No guarantees with the kids, but at least they know that if they get caught Hell will follow.

Here is a quick time lapse of this morning's 30 minute swim (2 sets of 15 minute swims at 1:30 pace), wrapped up into one minute:

Gonna take the weekend off, to let my shoulders rest. Then Monday I'm gonna go for an hour swim (2 miles). Which will be a new PR for the year.

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