Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Early swim at Jordanelle

Last night I camped out with Chad at Jordanelle.  Woke up at 0330 and met Goody at the boat ramp at 0400.

Goody and I managed to stay together during the swim, but we lost Chad and couldn't really see him throughout the swim.  We saw him at the boat ramp after we had already swam 3.09 miles together.  Chad was wearing his swimmer buddy board and I was wearing the swim safer buoy.  I am waiting for parts to be mailed so I can use my board again.  It sure is easier to tow than the buoy.

Not a big fan of Jordanelle yet.  Got another night swim planned for Friday and a good training swim for Saturday, both at Jordanelle.

Looking forward to Goody's Tahoe crossing next week!  Joelle and I are driving out there together to crew for him.  He's gonna rock it!

Garmin details.
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