Friday, September 11, 2009

First coached workout since High School

So I now have a coach! She gave me this workout to do and it felt great fulfilling this presciption:

400 - 400 free warmup
500 - 10x50 (5-10 secs rest) descend 1-3 and hold to 5, repeat again. (as in, 1 easy, 2 med, 3-5 hard, and repeat)
4000 - 20x200 (find an interval that's 15-20 seconds rest tops) hold within 3 seconds the same time for all. keep stroke long, smooth, steady
400 - 50 easy, 3x100 kick w/ board, 50 easy

5300 total

On the main set of 200's...Despite intentionally going slower on the first one to keep a reasonable pace, it still was too fast to maintain (2:38) By the 5th set I was at 2:47 and was able to maintain that speed throughout except for one screw up at 2:50, but 80% of them were at a 2:47 pace. So it looks like my 100 base pace is about 1:23. I ended up doing these on 3:00 so I was getting around :13 rest between sets. It was tough, but my focus was on long, smooth and strong strokes.

What a great workout! Those 200's were tough. The water was so warm! I put in my thermometer after the workout and it was 80 which I guess is normal for Layton, but I'm getting used to colder temperatures swimming open water lately. Not that I'm ready to just jump in to 60 degree water or anything, but 70 is perfect!

The swim plan for next week: Mon - SDRC morning, Wed - Bountiful Lake, Thu - SDRC morning. Layton is closed next week for putting the bubble up.
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