Monday, September 21, 2009

2nd tough workout from coach JaGal

300 - 300 warmup loosen
1200 - 12x100 on 1:40 (held 1:13 on all of them) strong effort, even pace.
200 - 4x50 recovery (15 seconds rest, nice and easy)
800 - 8x100 on 1:40 (held 1:13 on all of them) strong effort, even pace.
200 - 4x50 recovery (15 seconds rest, nice and easy)
400 - 4x100 on 1:35 (held 1:08 on first three and 1:06 on last one) FAST, all out!
200 - 4x50 warmdown

3500 yards total

I misread the workout and didn't get the 10x100's and I also didn't pay attention that I was only supposed to get 5-10 sec rest on the 100's, not 25 seconds. On the way out, I thought I was awesome for getting 4500 yards in an hour, and duh, I missed the 10x 100's.

I'm going to do this workout over and do it the way it was written and pay better attention to the prescription. Even though it was kicking my butt even with 25 sec rest between sets. Usually when I do 100's I do them on 2:00 so going down to 1:40 was a big step. I know, I take way too much rest.

I discovered that I'm not breathing properly. I'm holding my breath as soon as I put my face back in the water and not exhaling immediately. I'm holding it in and end up exhaling after the first stroke so that by the time I get my head back out on the third stroke, I have to force exhale the rest so I don't end up breathing out when me mouth is out of the water. I just didn't feel right, so I tried to focus on exhaling sooner, but I just didn't feel like I was getting enough air, or I was hyperventilating. I either need to try every fifth stroke instead of third, or lengthen my stroke and bring my cadence down just a bit to get more time between breaths.

Today's set was tough. My heart rate was higher than it normally gets and on the last set of 4x100s sprint I was really breathing. I was worried that I'd get slower on my last 100 so I really pushed that one. It was still two seconds faster so I was pleased. I can still push it. Only thing is I need to do the same thing, but with less rest, and don't miss a major set either.

Will swim BL on Wednesday and do this one again on Friday morning, but do it right. It's really gonna kick my butt. With less rest, I'll have to expect to hold probably just under 1:20.
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