Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cause for concern

Last Saturday I was talking with Brian Child. His wife, Teri did the Daybreak Triathlon. Apparently they had to move the swim portion of the tri to a pool that included a simple 50 yard swim and then a 1 mile run to transition. The reason for the change was a roundworm outbreak in Oquirrh Lake.

This morning I got to Bountiful Lake at 6:40 and started my swim at 6:45. Here are the stats:

Air Temp: 54 degrees
Water Temp: 65 degrees
Distance: 1 lap (@1.1miles)
Time: 28 minutes

I was planning on three laps, but the situation at Oquirrh Lake kept plaguing my mind! When I was on the southeast corner of the lake I kept smelling garbage (from the dump to the North). It made me think of how foolish I've been to just assume BL is safe to swim in. So I decided to call one lap good and get busy. So I went to Davis County's website and found that Jerry Thompson is the manager for Water Resources Bureau. I sent him an email asking about BL. Hopefully I hear back from him soon because I'd like some peace of mind.

Getting in this morning was tough. It is definitely cooler than last week. Again, once I start though, within just a few seconds, I'm no longer cold, but get in the routine. Once it gets down to 60 degrees I'm going to have to a partner for sure every time just to make sure that we're watching each other for hypothermia. 65 is cold, but nothing that's gonna give me hypothermia for a few laps.
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