Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big fat liar

Last week I had an appointment with Dr. Doar.  She didn't come out an ask me "are you swimming"?  But rather "Are you going crazy not swimming?  I said no.

Granted, I'm not swimming a ton, but I've already begun.  My go ahead to swim date which she called to confirm with Dr. Gardiner is April 25th. 

So after that date.  I can swim without guilt.  Well actually I'm already swimming without guilt.

Last Thursday I did a one on one lesson with a Navy Seal aspirant.  On Saturday I spent 5 hours going through the CPR/AED and First Aid re-certification training.  Oh man, what a pain.  The instructor put on a song during the CPR practice saying that the temp should match "Staying alive" song, and actually played the song.  I felt a little goofy, so I started my own disco moves to it:

This morning I went to the dentist and realized after getting my next visit in October that by the time I get my teeth/gums worked over again, I will have already returned from England and Chad will have swam the channel.  Pretty exciting!

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