Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Speed work

Yesterday I did this workout which I wrote up, which involves a focus on speed:

Warmup:  500 free easy

 “Easy 600”

 100 free get under 1:25 leave on 1:45 no later, no sooner
200 free get under 3:00 leave on 3:30
300 free get under 4:40

 swim 8 x 100’s get under 1:30 on 1:45

 swim 3 x 200’s get under 3:00 on 3:30

100 easy

2,600 yards total

I was able to get around 1:20 pushing it, and 1:25 taking it at about 85%.  Cooldown was at 1:40 pace and my best swolf interval was 28 and worst 31.  Not too bad.  Stamina doesn't last more than an hour though.  Need more practice.

Here's the upload to garmin:

This morning when I woke up my right shoulder was definitely feeling it.  Surgery is in just 5 days and then I'll really be feeling it.  But after several weeks of healing and rehab, I should be much better.
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