Thursday, September 13, 2012

Source of tear

I have had shoulder problems for quite a while.  I remember having trouble back when I wasn't even swimming, but lifting.  Before I got into open water swimming, I was fanatical about Bench Press.  I competed in the Utah Summer Games and got a gold medal in the bench press for my weight division.

But those days are over.  Its way too risky, and less fulfilling than open water swimming.  Here's a couple examples of my big weight days in 2006:

From Lifts

From Lifts

My shoulder hurts just watching that insanity.  Rip!!

Anyway, I bought the domain for WFPBC, and am excited for it to get cold and start doing some winter swimming!  If you live in the valley and love excitement, you really should come along.  It's a blast!
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