Thursday, September 6, 2012

Local newspaper gets it right

Amber Hansen, called me when I was England and asked for an interview, and I  responded that I would get back with her when I got  home.  She came over a couple weeks ago and Cathi and I talked with her.  The article came out today, and other than a typo on the date of my swim (I began my swam on the 9th), it was a very well written article.  It explains pretty much the bulk of my story.

Click the image above to see the article in hi-def.  If you still can't read it,
Right click on the image, select Save As....  Then bring up the copy that you
downloaded in Paint, or any other picture  viewer, and it should  be nice
and big for you.
I'm so glad I'm getting surgery next week.  My shoulder hurts just driving.  All I'm doing is resting my arm at shoulder level on the window.  Can't wait to have  it done and start the recovery!

Till then, I'm stuck riding the stationary bike at work during my lunch break.  Which isn't terrible.  Get to listen to my tunes and spin it  out, which I can't do swimming.

Oh, and that article says, one of three Utah swimmers.  Well that's already old news.  At the time of the interview Joelle Beard, was still waiting for her swim in Dover.  She finished her swim in 12 hours, 17 minutes and became the first Utah woman to swim it.

Congratulations to Joelle Beard!  Can't wait to meet up with her and hear her stories and experience.  I'm excited cause I got a cool little gift for her.

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