Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Just visited with Dr. James Gardiner, and he was surprised that I had a tear in my rotator cuff at my age.  But when I explained my situation with swimming, he understood.  He said he was very surprised I was able to swim a mile with the tear, little alone the English Channel.  He said that my tear was abnormal as it was torn like an L, and not straight, so it would be a little more work to repair, but that it wouldn't be extra difficult.

He did mention that I would be REQUIRED to not swim for about 5 months, until I went through full physical therapy and strengthening exercises.  So it looks like I'm done for the year.  I probably won't be able to get back in the water until February or so.

One thing I am eliminating from my future is pool swim meets.  What really got me in trouble in the first place was the sprint races (50, 100 free).  I am planning to continue (after February) with distance swimming, but the days of really cranking and getting alot of speed in a short distance is over!

Anyway, I'm scheduled to go under the knife next Wednesday and won't be able to work he said for about a week.  I'll be in a sling for 6 weeks, then slowly doing some early stages of physical therapy, then working up from there until about 5 months out, I should be able to get back in the water and start slowly getting back up to where I would like to be doing distance swimming.

I'm glad to get this done now so I should have enough time to heal and get come back for next August.  Also I've already hit my out of pocket maximum with my insurance thanks to Sam's little mishap earlier this year, so this won't cost me a penny.

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