Saturday, October 10, 2015

Longest swim since my birthday last year!

This year I'm swimming the 250 mile Virtual open water race, and the two years I participated I won.  This year, I want to step it up and see if I can take it again.

Yesterday I swam 3,600 yards with SDM, then 1.05 miles in Bountiful Lake yesterday after work.  This morning I wanted to put in a significant workout so I got to SDRC at 6am and swam Blair's workout:


400 Free
200 Kick
8 x 50 on 0:50 (25 IM order/ 25 Free)


16 x 25 Breakouts on 0:30
(Begin in the middle of pool)


200 Kick
4 x 100 Free (Odd - Easy, Even - Strong)
4 x 50 Free (Odd - Easy, Even- Strong)
4 x 25 Hard

200 Pull
4 x 100 Free (Odd - Easy, Even- Strong)
4 x 50 Stroke (Odd - Easy, Even- Strong)
4 x 25 Stroke (Hard)


200 IM
4 x 100 IM (Odd - Easy, Even - Strong)
4 x 50 Stroke (Odd - Easy, Even- Strong)
4 x 25 IM (Hard)


200 EASY


Then I went to the other side of the pool and did my own thing:

100 easy
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's build on 1:20
400 Kick with fins
500 freestyler paddles
600 - 3 x 200's middle one IM
700 - 2 x (100 fly, 100 back, 100 breast, 50 free)
800 - 4 x 200's alternate free and IM
900 snorkel freestyle
1000 agility paddles
1200 - 400 kick no fins, 2 x (4 x 100's descend first four, ascend last four)

Ran out of steam at the 700s, but got a second wind with the 900 free snorkel.  I focused on making my hips do all the work instead of my shoulders.  In fact, last night I had Lucy put some KT Sports tape on both shoulders using this video as a guide:

The shoulders felt fine and when I got out, I took the tape off.  They feel fine.  I think I'll do this for those extra long swims.  I got a roll of 20 sheets for around $9.50 on Amazon Prime.  I also ordered a Finis Tech Toc on Friday.  I'm excited to try that out on Monday.  I really want to focus on taking my rotation to the next level so that my shoulders can last the rest of my life instead of having trouble another 5 years down the road or something.

Total for the day: 11,000 yards (6.25 miles)
This is my longest swim since my birthday of 2014!  That's almost a year and a half ago!

I took a look at my spreadsheet of all my swims and I can hardly believe I've had such a underwhelming amount of swimming over the past 17 months!  I guess it's been a long enough break. No more being Mr Excuses.

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