Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome home

Jason's one of the fastest swimmers at SDM where I coach.
  He has the potential of beating the GSL Antelope Island
to Black Rock record this year if the conditions are right
and he keeps training hard.  But to be fair we'll have to start the
swim at a depth that is shallower than years previous in
order to preserve the integrity of the
race distance being as close to 8 miles as possible.
This afternoon I met Jason at the GSL Marina for the first swim for the season.  In fact, for me this is the first GSL swim since June 10th of last year!  That's the longest dry spell I've had from the GSL since I started.

It was like the lake was glad to see me, welcoming me home.  The sun was out and the air temperature was wonderful!  The water temp at the gslmarina website reported 55°.  Jason was a little nervous, but I tried to reassure him that it wouldn't be as cold as he thought.  Sure the first 10 seconds would be tough, but after that once you control your breathing, it's fine.

I haven't been OKd yet to swim freestyle so I swam breaststroke the whole way.  We swam out to the red buoy outside the marina opening and back.  The water felt great.  Didn't even shiver afterwards.  Granted I was only in the water for about 12 minutes or so.

Total: .33 miles

I have been swimming a little this past week.  No major workouts, just alternating by 100/200 from kick, swim backstroke, swim breaststroke, to swimming with a snorkel and kicking again, etc.  Nothing too fancy, or too fast.  Taking it easy.

Added 8,200 yards total pool swimming this week to my overall totals.  Again, nothing really to write up a press release over, but it's just a milestone to get back in the water and make the shoulder feel the motion again.
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