Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Learning to swim. Better late than never.

It would be tragic for someone's last thought to be prior to dying "I wish I learned how to swim".  Yet that's what thousands of people in the United States are likely to think as they take their last breath prior to sinking under the water helpless.  There are a significant number of local news stories that cover drowning in Utah.

I had a friend from work gree me in the elevator and say how I inspired her to sign up for an adult swimming lesson at her local pool.

That made my day hearing her tell me that. 

I've been able to help several adults in the few months that I've had my endless pool.  Giving them a chance to come over and learn a little technique to make swimming easier.  They learn that swimming is a step by step process.  You can't learn the basics in just one or two visits.  It takes dedication to consistent practice and learning as skills improve.  Just like learning how to play an instrument. It requires practice.  But unlike learning how to play an instrument, knowing how to survive in water could be a life saving skill in an emergency.

If this applies to you, take that first step. It would be a real shame to have that that last thought be, "Man if only I would have learned how to swim!"  Let me know if you want help.  I'm willing to give support free of charge.

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