Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pics from shoulder surgery

I can't believe it's been a month since my surgery.  It's gone by pretty fast.  Already have a decent range of motion considering it's only been a month.

Met with Dr. Gardiner this morning and her shared some pictures.
The area within the circle should be all white.  This is the top of my collar bone where I was feeling the pain.  I had word the tendons down to nothing.

The area within the circle in this picture is what it should have looked like.  This is another tendon that is connected to my bicep that is just fine.

 This shows a healthy rotator cuff tendon where he wrote the name of it on the picture, but down below is another one where you can see it is all frayed and not a solid structure.  That is the one he fixed.

See how frayed it is.  All that grinding over and over was tearing it up.

He said I was the youngest person he's ever done both shoulders on.  I held my tongue, but I wanted to say, "Yeah, and nobody you've seen has swam over 5,000 miles in their lifetime either."

This morning I took the boys to RUSH and worked them out.  They worked on backstroke, freestyle distance and kicking.  
Typical morning.

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