Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Giving myself a birthday gift - Jamie Patrick's Swim camp

OK, so I'm shaking right now I'm so excited!  I got an invite from Jamie Patrick to attend this camp in northern California in May.  My birthday is the week after this camp, so I am going to count this as my birthday present to myself.  When I first heard about this, I seriously thought it was a typo on how much it costs:  $15/day including a place to stay and catered dinner.  I thought Steven Munatones left off a zero or something.  Too good to be true!

Three days of long swims with some seriously experienced marathon swimmers?  For instance: Jamie Patrick (of course), Darren Miller, JC Malick, Karen Rogers, Samantha Sweet, and maybe even Anne Cleveland will show up!  Oh man I feel like I just won a trip to Hawaii, I'm so excited!

The only tough part is making sure I don't take any PTO between now and then cause I'm really scraping the bottom of my PTO balance to attend this as well as go to England for two weeks in August.


Josh said...

Wow! That is really cool! $15 bucks a day is a steal!

Rebecca said...

GASP! This sounds epic! I want to go!!