Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salinated Swimmer

I'm starting to not mind the tongue swell effect.
This is an old pic taken after my EC qualifier in GSL.
After this morning's swim: It's official, in open water, I've swam more miles in the Great Salt Lake than any other body of water.  I passed up Bountiful Lake as my number one open water swimming practice lake.  As of today: 137 miles in GSL and 134 in Bountiful Lake.  So I guess that means I'm more of a saline swimmer than a freshwater swimmer.  Not exactly though. I have many other freshwater swims in other places that still outweigh all my GSL swims.  But it's nice to have GSL as my number one place to swim.  Here's my totals spreadsheet.

This morning met Josh out at the Marina and we did the Gridley Straight.  When we got back to the red buoy we talked for a good 5 minutes and he took off to a meeting and I did another lap.  On the way back I was daydreaming when I looked up and I was only 8 feet away from hitting that one stupid pylon that I'm usually on the lookout for.  It was dead ahead and I almost ran right into it.  Whew!

On both laps I went from channel pace to race pace about halfway back.  I actually tried to break away from Josh on the first one, but he kept right up.  Which was great cause he's gonna be my pacer for the EC trip next year.  He's gotten alot faster this year.

It was nice today to not have an audience as I got out.  I was able to get to my car, go take a quick rinse with the hose and get out of there and off to work before being late.  Very nice swim.  While I was swimming I was thinking about Evan's Catalina Channel crossing tomorrow.  What an epic swim that is.  Right up there with EC fame.  He's got a top notch crew and weather permitting will be victorious!

Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 2:05 (including drink/chat breaks)

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