Thursday, August 11, 2011

Josh Green Loop Virtual Open Water Race

Name: Josh Green Loop Virtual Open Water Race.
This course is named after Josh Green, who has done so much for the sport of open water swimming in Utah.  Founder of Utah Open Water, and Great Salt Lake Open Water, and co-race director of Deer Creak Open Water.  Bountiful Lake is one of the current training locations for Josh Green and several other swimmers in Utah.  
Location: Bountiful Lake, Bountiful, Utah
Distance:  0.70 miles (Inside track of the loop)
Course Description:  Starting at the waters edge at the boat ramp swim west past the first island on the northern side of the lake.  Swim around the western island counter-clockwise around the lake.  Go as close as you wish to the shoreline of the island, but you must swim all the way around it, then swim just south of the two islands in an easterly direction.  Once you pass the eastern-most island, head back to the boat ramp and the clock stops as soon as you exit the water on the boat ramp.
Cost:  FREE!
Current Records here.


  • This is a VIRTUAL race!  You can do it anytime that Bountiful Lake is open to the public, and the race has no finish date.  
  • You may swim with or without a support crew.
  • You may swim with or without an official ISHOF Swim Safety Device.
  • You may NOT swim with a wetsuit, fins, hand paddles, or pool buoy or any other floatation equipment that can assist in propelling the swimmer through the water.
  • You must capture video or picture of you entering the water.
  • You must capture video or picture of your final time on a stopwatch.
  • Once you beat the record time, submit the video/picture of your start and stopwatch finish time via email:
  • There are obvious ways to "cheat" in this contest.  This is not an official event, so the honor system is respected here. 
  • If participation is lacking, I reserve the right to sweeten the pot somehow to encourage participation.  
Record Holder awarding:
  • Those who break the record will be given this unique trophy.  
  • If the record is broken, the trophy must be forfeited and given to the new record holder (given they followed the rules above).
  • Due to lack of space on the trophy, the time will NOT be engraved on the trophy, but this website will show a complete history of all records including name of swimmer, date record was set, and the time.
  • A picture of the record holder receiving the trophy with the new record time will be posted.
  • The record holder must provide their email, phone and address so they can be contacted should the trophy need to be collected and awarded to the next record breaker.
  • For local UT residents, the trophy will be awarded and collected in person.  Should some out of state swimmer come in and show Utah swimmers what's up, the trophy would be shipped at no expense to the swimmer.
Fine print:  You are ultimately responsible for your own safety!  You should consult a Dr before starting any exercise program.  You should also ensure that you are safe when swimming, especially in open water.  If you are not confident in your swimming abilities, do NOT attempt to do this swim!  You cannot hold Utah Open Water, Gords Swim Log, Bountiful City, or ANY OTHER individual or organization responsible for any injuries, or death which might occur when participating in this challenge.  You take sole responsibility for all of your actions.  This is not an organized event.  No fees are collected, no waivers are signed.  Again, you are solely responsible for your own safety!  


Rob D said...

that's a rad idea... I wonder if I can steal that with a course around here? hmmm... a lap around the pier maybe? If you're smart you'd go at low tide to swim less I guess :)

Josh said...

No way!! This is AWESOME! What an honor (and a surprise)! I'd better take a shot at beating the record before someone really fast comes and puts it out of my reach. Are you going to post the results and pictures as they come in? I can't wait to take a crack at it! I can't believe you put this together and named it after me. Thanks!

Gords said...

Thanks Rob. Bountiful Lake only fluctuates a few inches, so it's pretty constant. I'd love to one day just swim the pier route with you and your team.

Josh, yeah, whenever the record gets broken a new post will be added with the "Josh Green Loop Virtual Open Water Race" tag, and this post updated with the latest record time. I can't wait to have the trophy passed on.