Thursday, March 3, 2011

2nd open water swim this year

This morning I got up early, but didn't swim.  I went to work getting the Great Salt Lake Open Water volunteer list and registration made up.  It was OK to miss this morning's swim cause I still was going to get in a VERY SHORT open water swim this afternoon.

At 3:30 pm this afternoon, I was at work and I have an office window.  I heard some tapping and looked behind me and sure enough tiny BB size hail balls were hitting the window.  The clouds were gray and it was a bit windy.  I was crossing my fingers for snow.  Being that it's March, I can barely call this a winter swim.  Next year I'm game for starting this type of thing as soon as the ice melts on BL.

Anyhow I met Josh and his family as well as Cathi and all my crazy kids at the boat ramp and walked down to the east fishing dock.  Cathi said she was feeling lazy and just stayed at the finish and did some recording.   Here's the video of my swim:

I was fine while I was in the water, but once I got out and started to get dressed, that's when I started shivering.  About 10 minutes later after sipping some hot chocolate I was fine.  We then went over to SDRC and let the kids enjoy playing in the pool.  The water in the leisure pool was so warm!  It felt like a hot tub.  The kids had a blast and I got in my swim for the day.  Now for a long one tomorrow.

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