Monday, April 19, 2010

2.5 hours cleaning Bountiful Lake

So I made a deal with my son Jacob that if he cleaned out the garage we would get the kayak down and go to Bountiful Lake. When I got home from work it was spotless and so clean! So we got it down and on the trailer and took the whole family over there.

I packed some yard tools, and a big garbage can. I wanted to do some cleaning. There is over a mile of perimeter that fishermen over the years have dumped their candy wrappers, big mac containers, beer bottles and plastic water bottles into the water. No wonder that lake is nasty. So I spent 2.5 hours raking out garbage from the shallows around the perimeter. I only covered about 50 yards just south of the small boat ramp. That was about 5 garbage cans full of trash and probably 100 pounds worth of stuff.

At that rate I would have to go back every day for over a month to cover the whole lake and that would be nearly two tons of garbage.

During that time Cathi supervised the kids taking turns riding the kayak around the lake. I asked Jacob to take several temperature samples. It appears that the Bountiful Lake is now sitting at about 63 degrees. Should start getting in there soon!


Josh said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was such a mess. I guess I never spent any time around the shores though...just in the water.

63 degrees sounds pretty good. The reservoirs in Southern Utah are only about 55 degrees.

How did the water look? About the same? Dirtier? Cleaner?

Gords said...

The water looked about the same. Maybe a little more algae and duck poo, but that was just cause I was along the shoreline. I'm thinking about going next Wednesday. Would you be interested? July 3rd is right around the corner.

Josh said...

Yeah I'll come. What time do you want to meet?

Unknown said...

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