Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I met Josh and Jim at BL at 5:30. We got in and it felt a little colder than last time. Even though the air temp was above 80, the water felt low 60s. We did our first lap in about 45 minutes. Nice and easy. As we finished the first lap I saw Cathi drive up with Jacob and the kayak. They took their time getting in while I treaded water well enough away from the fishing folks to interfere.

Josh and Jim had to take off so I did the next lap with Cathi and Jacob. I really pushed it this time. Did nice long strokes with power and kicking. It felt great. Took the temp when we got out and it read 63. Wow, it felt a little cool, but nothing that was bone chilling. I feel like 60 is right at my threshold. Below 60 and I degrade into hypo stage. It was perfect today.

At the end of the first lap I saw some serious clouds to the North and West. Fuzzy long clouds that I could tell it was raining hard. I asked Cathi if they were up for one or two more even with the clouds and she said, "Sure, if it rains we can handle it." What a sweetie. So I kept on going, but by the time I got about half way to the second island I could see those clouds were heading right for us and they were really dumping. So I stopped and told them that I didn't feel good about going further and turned around. Swam strong back.

The last two times I've swam at BL I get the same question by fisherman. "How deep is it?" I don't have any idea. I said at least 10 feet.

When we got back and loaded up the boat, within 2 minutes it started to rain. And hard. In fact I don't think it's rained that hard since I've had the Bug. I thought it was gonna tear a hole in the soft top. I had the wipers on as fast as they would go and Jacob said to make them go faster. If I had kept going and we were trying to get back to the ramp while it was raining like that, they would have been more wet and colder than I was!

So I only ended up going around twice, but I definitely had 4 in me. Oh well. Next up..... Boise 70.3. I got home and shaved my arms in prep. Cathi and I leave for the cabin tomorrow afternoon and have some friends coming over to the house to live for the next few days to take care of the kids.

Cathi does the Bear Lake marathon on Friday morning and then we rush off to Boise right afterwards. Should be a great time together!

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